Why Internet Marketing Scotland

Competition within the business world is very fierce, and cities like Glasgow find it difficult to beat the competition. Being the largest City in Scotland it is home to the highest ratio of small business.  We like to take clients to the next level, the objective being strong visibility and the correct web content. We can implement all the tools you need in an online interface and work with you step by step so you can reach your goals. We have our own servers, a strong knowledgeable development team available to discuss and answer your questions. Why not speak to us and let us do initial research and see what we can potentially do for you.

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The Main Steps

Web Sites play a very important part in marketing these small businesses and if a website does not meet the required standards which Google demands (Click here for Google Quality Guidelines – opens in a new tab/windows) then it has less chance of being found by prospective customers. In fact it becomes a drain on a Company’s finance.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

The Search Engine Optimisation is the processes and techniques used to enable web sites to improve the positions in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and for targeted keywords or key phrases. Thus allowing them an empowered position and more opportunity of being seen and read by more potential customers. SEO Glasgow is a branch of Internet Marketing Scotland which specialises in helping small businesses in the Glasgow area achieve their potential.
If your business is mainly Glasgow based then why spend money optimising your web site for national terms? Your budget will be more effective if you target the local market . Later when you are reaping the benefits of having your website optimised for Glasgow area, then it is easy to expand into other areas.

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What we do

simplify your online business processes

We have in house developers and research experts located in one building with a dedicated contact person who can simplify every aspect of your projects.

Responsive for Mobile

We are a 100% responsive agency, ie. our web sites adapt to mobile devices for friendly viewing.

Secure Servers

Our servers run technology for rapid page loading using mod-pagespeed and litespeed servers while most other hosts don’t.

SEO and social Media

We know all the tricks when promoting your web presence to the correct audience including use of socia media

Guaranteed Success

We can offer great incentives for you to work with us. SEO no longer needs to be expensive

Our Results

Our guarantee

We promise positive and front page results within 8 weeks or your money back