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Google PPC / pay per click management & training in Scotland

As part of your online strategy you may have realised that your current marketing strategy just isn't working?

How can we benefit from PPC management?

  • Do you want to rank in the top page in Google in less than 24hrs?
  • Do you need an expert in google adwords to make the best use of your spend?
  • Tried everything else and you are not getting any sales or traffic to your website?
  • Then I suggest you consider letting us manage your PPC / Google Adwords monthly spend.
  • We work with clients with a minimum budget of £5k per month

Pay Per Click training

We also offer one to one training & coaching for those businesses who want to take full control, with what they are spending with Google adwords. This can be a complete beginner to someone who is already a confident using PPC and wants to trim the fat off their monthly spend. Contact our PPC training team by email or call them direct on Tel: 0141 353 9311 to learn more.

The Google Adwords training courses will help you discover rich veins of untapped potential for your online business.

  • Improving sales
  • Increasing profit
  • Having a better marketing mix within your business
  • Discover for yourself how you can use these advanced methods and tools used by our Pay Per Click professionals
  • Learn an easy to use system that will drive traffic to your site

What is the Pay Per Click Course Syllabus?

Well with everything it is depending on you if want a one to one coaching day or team training sessions with our Google Adwords / PPC engineers, or jump straight on the two day course right now.

See below for usual course syllabus.

PPC for beginners
  • Learn how to set up an effective Google adwords campaign
  • Find the right tools to do the right job as used by our own in house team
  • Discover how to right the best sales copy for your market
  • Set up a daily budget so you don’t worry about over spending
  • Learn how to target niche local markets
PPC for advanced users
  • Learn to structure your PPC campaign for total control no longer guessing what’s the best way to do things
  • Discover and learn exactly what your competitor is up to!
  • Realise the benefits of using multiple PPC campaigns
  • Simple yet effective ways to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Learn to use effective sales triggers and where to place them in your sales copy
  • More yes more... our own secrets only shared on these courses

The two full days training is only £950 + VAT including 3 hours of consultancy follow up.

Nowconsider booking on our SEO training course as well?

Latest dates May 2012.

To find out more about this Search engine optimisation course click on... SEO Training In Scotland, if you decide to telephone us to find out more please ask as many questions as necessary to find out how our SEO trainers wealth of experience can spark your business in the way it needs to and reach the top of the search engines.

The full three days training is only £1500 + VAT.

Or better still take the SEO Training & the Google Adwords Training /PPC for a total of £2300 + VAT.

The group size is limited to six places only.

Take the first step towards deeper levels of understanding of how your business will benefit from the training programmes we offer. Telephone 0141 353 9311 now.